Drug Testing

NOVA OHS performs thousands of drug and alcohol tests each year — all collected by trained. For employers with their own chain-of-custody forms (CCFs), drug testing is performed on a walk-in basis at our clinics from 7 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. We are available 24/7/365 for after hour services.
NOVA OHS offer a substance abuse testing menu that includes:
Certified Medical Review Services
Breath Alcohol Testing – DOT
Breath Alcohol Testing – Non-DOT
Positive Breath Alcohol Testing Sobriety Examinations
Blood Testing – Drug (Non-DOT)
Hair Testing – Drug
Urine Testing – DOT Drug (Post Offer, Random, Suspicion, Post-Accident, Return to Duty)
Urine Testing – Non-DOT Drug/Alcohol
Instant/Rapid Urine
Random Pull and Consortium Programs
HHS Certified Laboratory Utilization
“Collection Only” (Your MRO/Lab) for all services listed above
Certified Medical Review Officer on Staff
DOT Certified Urine Drug Screen Collectors
DOT Certified Breath Alcohol Technicians
Medical Review Officer Services
Our Certified MRO is knowledgeable in substance abuse disorders, in the medical use of prescription drugs and the pharmacology and toxicology of illicit drugs. The primary responsibility of the MRO is to review and interpret positive test results for an employer’s DOT or Non-DOT drug testing program, in accordance with applicable regulations. Since a positive test result does not automatically identify an employee/applicant as an illegal drug user, the MRO must assess and determine whether alternate medical explanations (prescription drugs, etc.) could account for the positive test result.
Resources: DOT Office of Drug & Alcohol Policy & Compliance, Medical Review Officer- General Information ~ Medical Review Officer Certification Council (MROCC)
Random Pull & Consortium Services:
NOVA OHS know that an essential element of any workplace substance abuse program is random testing.  We offer random pull and consortium programs to satisfy regulatory compliance for DOT or any Non-DOT workplace substance abuse program.
DOT Mandated Consortium Services
Customized Non-DOT Pull Frequencies (Quarterly, Monthly, As Requested)
DOT Compliant Enrollment Notification and Regulatory Reporting
Resources: Employee Selection Update Form, Random Pull/Consortium Enrollment Form
Nova Occupational Health Services
Medical Review Officer (MRO) services are provided by Nova Occupational Health Services for employers and for third party administrators (TPA) serving employers. MRO services are provided by Nova Occupational Health Services with a robust technology platform. This technology platform is state of the art drug testing software.
The use of the MRO is required in a DOT drug and alcohol testing program and in many states per state laws on drug testing or specific state drug free workplace programs. Federal drug free workplace programs also require the use of an MRO for processing drug testing results once they have had a confirmation test at the laboratory.
The final review of results is an essential component of any drug testing program. A positive laboratory test result does not automatically identify an employee or job applicant as an illegal drug user, nor does a laboratory result of invalid, substituted, or adulterated automatically identify specimen tampering.
The Medical Review Officer or MRO is required to be a licensed physician responsible for receiving laboratory results generated by a drug testing program, who has knowledge of substance abuse disorders and has appropriate medical training to interpret and evaluate an individual’s positive test result with his or her medical history and any other relevant biomedical information. The MRO must receive specific training and certification to perform MRO services in the drug testing and drug screening process.
If you are a TPA looking for MRO services, call Nova Occupational Health Services. If you are a TPA looking for a drug testing software solution, call Nova Occupational Health Services.
Immediate Drug Testing
Get a Drug Test Now – Today Starting at $45. Call (703) 361-4357 or e-mail to madhu@altmedfirst.com. All types of drug testing are available including Alcohol, urine, hair, oral fluid and more. Many individuals are looking to get a drug test, and many need the drug test immediately. Nova Occupational Health Services can provide immediate drug testing immediately for any location throughout the United States. With one phone call you can get a drug test ordered and scheduled for immediate collection of the specimen.
Drug screening and Alcohol testing are available from NOVA Occupational health Services for individuals, court ordered programs, child welfare/child custody cases, divorce proceedings and parents being proactive and testing their kids. All drug testing is 100% confidential. If you need a drug test, drug screen or alcohol test now, call Nova Occupational Health Services at 703-361-4357 or e-mail to madhu@altmedfirst.com . Available tests include hair testing, oral fluid testing, point of collection testing, instant testing, on-site testing, urine testing and blood/Breath or Urine alcohol testing.
DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing Programs
DOT regulated companies need expertise in setting up Drug Testing Programs. Programs are available for FMCSA, FAA, USCG, PHMSA, FTA and FRA; including 24/7 coverage for post-accident. Scheduled mobile collections and 24/7 collections are available.
Department of Transportation (DOT) regulated employers are required to implement comprehensive drug and alcohol testing programs, DOT regulated employers believe they meet these requirements when drug testing their employees. This is not true. The DOT drug and alcohol testing program must include the following:
⦁ Designated Employer Representative (DER)
⦁ Written Policy
⦁ Regulations on file
⦁ Previous employer checks
⦁ Employee Education
⦁ Supervisor Training
⦁ Removal of covered employees
⦁ Pre-employment tests
⦁ Correct Federal Custody & Control forms (CCF)
⦁ Random pool
⦁ Post-accident testing situations
⦁ Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Process
⦁ Record keeping

Designated Employer Representative (DER)
DOT Regulated employers need to have a Designated Employer Representative (DER). The responsibilities of the DER are:
⦁ Compliance with 49 CFR Part 40
⦁ Responsible for administering the Drug and Alcohol Program
⦁ The Liaison with drug and alcohol testing service agents
⦁ The DER is informed of every test and its result
⦁ The DER receives test results and other communications for the employer
⦁ Receives test results and other communications for the employer
⦁ The DER performs the functions necessary according to the results of the tests and are authorized by employer to take immediate action(s), to remove employees from safety sensitive duties, to make necessary decisions in the testing and evaluation process
In each of the DOT regulated agencies or modes of transportation there must be a Designated Employer Representative or DER. The regulated modes listed below all require DOT drug and alcohol drug and alcohol testing programs.
⦁ Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) – 49 CFR Part 382
⦁ Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) – 14 CFR Part 120
⦁ Federal Railroad Administration(FRA) – 49 CFR Part 219
⦁ Federal Transit Administration (FTA) – 49 CFR Part 655
⦁ Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) – 49 CFR Part 199
⦁ U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) – 46 CFR Parts 4 and 16
DERs are responsible to select service providers for their drug free work place programs. A Service Agent is any person or vendor used outside your company to help implement the DOT requirements for drug/alcohol testing program. These service agents in the program include: Policy Consultant, Collection site, Urine Collector, BAT or STT, Lab, Trainer, MRO, SAP, and C/TPA.
⦁ Bundled pricing to your advantage – one bill for lab, MRO and collection
⦁ Sole source contact for setting up Lab and MRO accounts
⦁ All tests will travel through one system only with real time updates on every stage of the process
⦁ No paper on Non-DOT – electronic drug testing at collection sites around the United States
For drug testing, MRO services, drug testing software, TPA software, DOT drug and alcohol programs and drug free workplace programs: Call 703) 361-4357 or e-mail to madhu@altmedfirst.com