Features and benefits of MyeScreen include: https://www.myescreen.com/v3/

  • Rapid drug test results in real time (so your clients can make offers to their first-choice candidates more quickly)
  • Online DOT drug test scheduling
  • Immediate notification of expired events and no-show donors
  • Tracking and status monitoring of all employee drug screenings
  • Management of both regulated and nonregulated test events
  • Built-in DOT compliance reports and management tools
  • Instant electronic DOT MIS reports, plus other customized statistical documents

Classic Features of MyeScreen.com


Archiving and Reports


Event Scheduling

Enhanced Features of MyeScreen.com

DOT Program Management Solution

eScreen is the pioneer and industry leader of automated, rapid employee drug testing. That high-tech proficiency and experience allow us to ease your customers’ responsibilities for managing their DOT-regulated programs. In fact, we’re so successful at automating this task that we currently manage the second-largest DOT program in the country. And we process millions of data transactions each year, so you and your customers can rest assured their information is in good hands.

Some of the major ways your customers’ DOT programs will benefit from us?

  • Online event scheduling with tracking and status abilities, allowing your customers to see each step in the collection and testing process.
  • Built-in compliance reports and management tools.
  • Instant electronic DOT MIS reports and other statistical documents.
  • Expired event notification with automated results reporting.
  • Collection and data management for all modes under DOT.
  • Management of breath alcohol testing and physicals.
  • Access to one of the largest electronically integrated occupational health clinic networks.

If your customers’ employ both DOT and non-DOT employees, they will gain even more from eScreen’s programs. We add a level of consistency to the management of their drug screenings and physical exams because they will need only one electronic platform to cover both. And they will always know the status of each step in the collection and testing process because our system eliminates those “blind spots” that they experienced in the past.